octobre 07, 2021

Edingen/Enghien 2021

Today was the start for the four day exhibition-with-shopping of the Belgian Quilters Guild: Belgische Quilters Vereniging / Association Belge du Patchwork --> www.belgiumquilt.be

More than 250 quilts and 12 shops are welcoming public after a long time of no-exhibitions-with-shopping due to that virus ...

I have three quilts hanging on their walls: one for the contest with theme "scrap", and that is my quilt "fabric dance" with several fabrics with designs from 'William Morris'

The second one is also very scrappy but in category "quilts - province", and made with the Japanese woven fabrics, it's called "symphony"

and then there is the travelling exhibition from the EQA (seen in Birmingham Festival of Quilts in 2019)

Further more, there were a lot of very beautiful quilts, small, big or bigger. I'm giving you here an overview of those I particularly liked.

And also, just in  the newly renovated attic, a very beautiful exhibition of Lace - here some highlights

and then ...
this is me 😃
mask is mandatory, but no Covid Pass needed.

and yes, although I don't really need it, I bought some fabrics, too nice to leave for another customer ...

so hurry and come over to see this exhibition with shops, you have till sunday !

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  1. Cela promet pour demain,merci pour ce reportage.....

    1. Amusez-vous demain, ça fait trop longtemps qu'on attend de reprendre nos petites escapades patch

  2. Magnifique ! J'adore le premier, ce fondu est superbe !

  3. En admiration devant toutes ces merveilles !!!!!! annie35


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