avril 11, 2016

HH Koeln V - PrymConsumer

Oeps …

Didn’t relate yet about the new items seen at H&H Köln from Prym Consumer …

more... plus...

The most wonderful knitting needles are coming

-> no sharp points (thus good for travelingJ) and yet it picks up the stitches very easily!
Tried them several times and all those who tried them at Köln were as much enthusiastic!
They are ...
Light, smooth, not slippery,  the stitches glide just as they have to,
they have a tangle free cord - easy for magic loops,
they are round at the start (to have the right stitch size), then smoothly change into triangular shape to avoid turning and wrist pains.
The straight ones clip in each other to keep your knitting blocked inside when putting it away, or you clip them to keep numbers together in your storage bag.

== all characteristics for a great tool

Available at the end of the year! Yeah, will have to wait a little …

Than we have those elastic braids … with gorgeous designs and for so many purposes!
I got a key ring with one of them … so beautifully useful!

There are new “ready-to-use” bags for sewing, knitting or other stuff (love the new rustic ones!),
 but also new bag-bottoms and handles and lots of patterns (with dvd).

Espadrilles are still great to make and walk on. There is a new “heel-piece”, so you can make summer sandals in no time, plus lots of other material that’ll make your feet happy. And also new color-snaps: flower heads, so cute and lots of new colors in the round ones, hearts and stars.

A new small loom (easy to put in your bag) and new press buttons especially for woolen garments.

And I came home with these pins … says it all!

don't hesitate to look at their website (clic) and go to right column to see more details about it! (you can change language )

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